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What is MagicList

MagicList is a script that allows you to create a vertical or horizontal List that updates automatically with your data. It provides handy menu items to create pre-configured vertical or horizontal lists, saving you a lot of time.

It does the minimum amount of operations to remove, add or update the items that changed instead of clearing the list and re-instantiating all the children which can be very bad performance-wise.

How to Start

  • Right-click on your scene Hierarchy and select UI/MagicList/Vertical (or Horizontal)
  • Read the tutorial to learn how to use it with a step-by-step example
  • Unpack Example.unitypackage to see what the finished tutorial looks like


Can I use MagicList with a List<> variable?

  • No, you have to change it into an ObservableCollection which has roughly the same interface and allows MagicList to be a lot more performant.

MagicList.SetData was never called

  • This error means that you didn’t link your data to your MagicList.
- Create a MonoBehaviour Script with a public `magicList` property like this: 

public MagicList.Scripts.MagicList magicList;

- Override the Awake method to call "magicList.SetData()" like this:

private void Awake() { 
  magicList.SetData( YOUR_DATA_VARIABLE ); 

- Drag `Vertical List` or `Horizontal List` from your Hierarchy to the `magicList` property of your component

For any other question, if you don’t find the solution in the tutorial feel free to reach me from the Asset Store :)